iOS 11 and Augmented Reality

By Sunny Yan on September 25, 2017

The recent release of iOS 11 was packed with many new features including Apple’s new ARKit software.?The ARKit results in an expansion of iOS’s Augmented Reality abilities and signify Apple’s continued interest in the development of the technology. The ARKit provides developers with a slew of new tools designed to help create a new generation of apps. As an app development agency, Blue Label Labs is excited to see the potential of the new technology that could potentially change the gaming universe and help with everyday life.

An example of one of these apps is Housecraft. The title picture, as well as the picture below, are examples of the app in action. Housecraft is designed to let the user use AR to drop furniture anywhere in their home to see if it would fit. This is a cool new feature that also has a practical use.

Another App similar to Housecraft comes from Edmunds, the car research, and buying company. Their new App lets the user put any life-sized car in the room in front of them. Edmunds says that this research will allow car buyers to see if a potentially purchased car would fit in their garage.


While Augmented Reality has many practical uses for apps, the implications for gaming apps cannot be ignored. The new ARKit has allowed for many new gaming apps including; world brush (a game where users can draw 3d designs in the real world), Star Wars (including 3d characters), Kings of Pool (a virtual game of 3d pool). You can see these games and others in the video below.

With the new ARKit comes many exciting apps and features, it will be interesting to see the future of apps. Here at Blue Label Labs we are excited to see the new capabilities and are evolving with the new technology. We have built Augmented Reality apps in the past and are excited to build more in the years to come.

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